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I have edited my previous post for my misquoting.
The company name "CHARTIER, MARTEAU ET BOUDIN" was used from 1909, when Georges Marteau (Paul's uncle) retired, not from "1916".

Originally Posted by coredil
1. Not sure what he means with "the last Grimaud TdM edition"
Was he not aware of a Marteau edition, or was Marteaus deck not known at this time?
Hi coredil
Marteau's deck must have been published by 1931, at least.
According to an exhibition catalogue of a French playing-card museum, in 1931 the French occultist Georges Muchery announced the release of "Ancien Tarot de Marseille" in his magazine "LE CHARIOT".

I checked 1933 original of Maxwell's book, too.
It does seem that the deck he mentions is "Grimaud-Arnoult"...

So, perhaps Maxwell wrote the part before 1930.
[According to "A History of the Occult Tarot" (by Decker & Dummett) , Maxwell already wrote an article about tarot ("Symblolisme des arcanes majeurs") in 1928 for the magazine "Le Voile d'Isis".]
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