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Dear Kat,

I was just looking at tarottotes last night. I noticed a beautiful bag and thought, I really need a lovely medieval ancient looking deck for this bag, too bad I don't have one... and then through the Law of Synchronicity (which I am beginning to believe is Greater than Murphy's *G*) I found this thread. Oh wow. Just amazing and lovely... and I also found it amusing that your quote from Hamlet in your signiture line is the quote I use under my signiture at Comparative Tarot and also in my bio at my online journal... I think that quote just sums it all up - LOL. And also, I am no computer tech, but I have viewed a lot of websites and I REALLY like the layout of yours - it is visually lovely, geometrically pleasing, and very easy to navigate. LOL... I'll think I'll stop now or I'll start sounding like a creepy fan. *G*
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