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Reading your post baba I think about the movie "The Bad Seed". Which was about a cute little girl who was also very murderous....and ultimately it is her mother who kills her.

There was a more recent remake of it with McCauley Culkin I think is his name, and it was a few years ago anyway. In this one it is two little boys and one is bad, bad, bad. Bad to the bone as they say.

I sort of always took the Prague 10 of Swords to mean that we sleep with Death/darkness/the unthinkable/unknowable/shadow side as a potential companion and reality all the time. We are capable of much, and until pressed we don't know just how much.

So tho we are 'civilised' and as sweet as lambs there is with in us a potential or an energy that if activated can be devastating. Such that we can wreak havoc or we can recieve the havoc...and either way become a sort of victim.
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