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I print my deck out 6 to 8 cards on one sheet 8.5x11 of card stock paper, both front and back. I found the cold laminate the best for me. I use the Xyron 900. The basic reason for cold laminate was the ability to get 1.5 mil laminate! I could not find that thin of laminate for hot laminating. I also have a hot laminator, which I put the cold laminated sheets thru just to seal them that little bit more! Also with the hot laminate I found that the laminate sometimes had a tendency to peel away from the card stock, I haven't seen that with the cold laminate. After my sheets are laminated, I then cut the cards using a rotory cutter, and then use a corner cutter (I got a good deal for a corner cutter that can do up to 1 inch of cards at a time on eBay). The deck turns out great!

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