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I love toys!!

Hi, all! I have a Royal Sovereign heat laminator that has heat settings for laminating pouches 3 mil through 10 mil thick. I quite often do my laminating without using the carrier, so I am sure that you could safely laminate the thinner pouches (1.5 mil) if you use the carrier. I also have a Banner American machine that does hot laminating, cold laminating and thermal binder covers. Additionally, I have a small Xyron cold laminator. Like I said: I love toys!! However, the only "cold laminating" I have ever done was years ago... before I discovered heat lamination....I used clear contact paper!! Using heat laminators, the cards come out quite stiff...including the sealed edges around the cards. Although the cards remain flat... no curling, I have noticed a small amount of separation of the pouch from the slick surface of the cards (on a few of the cards); but the edges are still securely sealed. The next set of cards I heat laminate, I am going to use 1.5 mil pouches (I used 3 mil on my first deck and they are a bit too thick and stiff). You can purchase 1.5 mil pouches on eBay (but only in large sizes so you will have to laminate several cards at a time in each pouch). I am curious, DraagonStorm: using your Xyron cold laminator, what do the cards and the sealed edges around the cards feel like? Have you experienced any difficulties in the laminating process or noticed any undesirable qualities in the end product? In my experiences with clear contact paper, there was no separation of the cardstock from the contact paper and the cards were flexible, but the "soft" sealed borders around the cards tended to get somewhat distorted with use ("ruffly", bending, etc.). OK, I'm done...for now. LOL Cindy
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