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It's the Xyron 900 for me too.

I agonized over the lamination process for about a year....tried the hot lamination pouches but never could find the right size to do the job perfectly (without having to trim the sides in the end)
I also don't really like the curling problems I had either...or the plasticy feel of most hot laminators.

The cold lamination was great for me because it comes double sided.

Originally, I was printing on both sides of the cardstock...but discovered it didn't feel enough like a playing card to me...even with the lamination.

So I print the fronts on photo paper (I believe mine is 10 mil)
then glue them to the backs...which are printed on 110 lb card stock...

then round the corners...then run the whole thing through the Xyron ...then trim to the edges with an abundance of scissors which have to be cleaned after about three cards.

And so far...(crossing fingers) I have not had any problems with peeling.

I wanted to seal the edges somehow...but have yet to find something that doesn't leak through to the images.
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