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Body part, eye socket, orbital cavity

For your interest.....

The orcular muscles of the eyes helps us to access different states of information in consciousness and by doing this, they strengthen our memory, our learning ability, and our attention span.

Looking to the left.....this is a movement that people spontaneously make when they are recalling a visual memory. When we try to recall a visual image we spontaneously look up and to the left.

Looking down and to the left accesses auditory memory and auditory recall. So if you are recalling some information or music in your awareness then you usually spontaneously look down and to the left.

Looking down and to the right allows us to access the memory of touch. For instance recalling the texture of the touch of a rose petal in your awareness.

If you look up and to the right, thatís the position to create new visual forms. Such as a creative artist.

If you look horizontally and to the right, this is the position a composer or musician uses when he is creating new sound forms.

If you look to the left and horizontally to the left and down, you are recalling auditory memory. If you stare towards your nose, then you strengthen the memories of smell and fragnance we have.

If you stare or have the idea your eyes are pointing towards your tongue, yup you guessed it.....the memories of taste.

So holding the eyes in fixed positions helps us to not only access information that exists in our own also helps to strengthen our memory, our recall, our attention span and learning ability.


P.S. I'm not sure how this affects left handed people....being one myself....I do have a tendency to look to the right for recall. Any other lefties out there?
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