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There are an edition, that we can call original out of doubt, and which is the first published in 1930 by the house BP GRIMAUD -and Paul Marteau- Following editions by sundry reasons such as: ink colours changes, technology advances, stamp laws changes, market atters, etc, etc. and – if you want – many others less believables reasons as changes in: coins, tulip-dices, lys flower. First edition is characteristic by his mayority gentle colours, and his back between and undefined pink-white and a white by contrast. Never vivids colours or hard contrats, white, yellow, reds, bluesky or blue-green pink (flesh). Lines, internal coin ribs, flowers, objects and in lys flowers drawing, are less defined because of ink impression blur or quality reasons. Effectually, thickness is superior to 0.4 mm (+/- 0.44 mm) Wide 63 mm Long 120 mm There are reasons, according to french remarks, that Paris liberation or his occupation had influenced in Lys –tulip, coins –dices change, fact which happen simultaneous with the removal of the April 12, 1890 decree. I don’t know, and it would be remarkable, a sealed edition with a tulip.
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