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Maat Tarot Study Group Four of Swords

I usually wait for someone else to post first, but this time I decided to go for it. Constructive criticism would be appreciated.

By sun and by moon we are going into the dark. It’s a good time, by the moon: a water sign for the last quarter’s beginning. We can drift and let the self-regulating processes of our bodies take care of us—deep within where no one sees. The tides within echo the tides without. The sea, in autumn, grows more mysterious by the hour.

On land, too, are tides. Lakes and rivers swell and recede, as do other bodies of water crystallized into icepacks and glaciers. Glaciers are truly going into the dark and are leaving behind such flotsam as one expects to see on the beaches at low tide. In the Alps signs of a journey interrupted, a traveler stranded while thousands of years rushed over him.

“For me,” writes Cuccia-Watts, “this card represents our connection with the past.”

Indeed the elements themselves, represented by the 4 triangles balanced like a tent upon sword points, combined to preserve this man and, finally, to reveal him. To scientists he is a veritable encyclopedia of information, yet no one knows yet why he was killed, where he was going, who he was. He is the Traveler Beset upon the Road who has waited 5000+ years to tell his story.

Obviously, the connection to RWS would be in the time of withdrawal from “the madding crowd,” so to speak. Yet there may be more, if one could grant that the guy lying on the catafalque in RWS is, indeed, dead. I’ve no wish to quarrel with the massive weight of interpretation that claims “not dead, only resting.” But, I’d like ever so tenatively to advance the idea of “dead but so long ago that it is beside the point.”

Then we might say that the knight is resting eternally beneath the Lady of Peace in the stained glass window. Looks a little an echo of courtly love from very very far in the past, when the union of Venus and Mars was possible.
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