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In the Sky

Yes, I think they are the faces of the dead. And they seem to be ascending as well, instead of hanging motionless as did the dead in the Death card.

And good point about the coming winter. I hadn't thought of that, but now that you mention it, it seems obvious. No grass, no green of any sort. Only rocks and some kind of dead-looking stuff at base of the dolmen's higher end.

Like you, I did notice the slant of the dolmen. In fact, I wondered for a while just what the structure was. I've seen pictures of some funerary platforms (platforms where the bodies of the dead are placed so that the carrion eaters may return the bodies to air, rather than to earth or fire as we generally do), but unless they were part of a shrine, these platforms were usually made of wood. Still, they have the same slant as the "roof" of the dolmen does.

OTOH, I thought that Julie Cuccia-Watts might have wanted to replace the usual churchyard cemetery with a pagan burial site, and that idea sent me looking at ancient pagan burial sites. I started with England for no particular reason other than ease of navigation and saw several sites that looked somewhat like the one on the card, but with flat cross pieces. Finally I came across the Trethevy Quoit site (near Cornwall, England) which looks very very similar to the Judgment card, slanted roof and all. (Google Trethevy Quoit if you want to see.)

Of course, for our purposes the structure could be either, both, or something else entirely. It looks ancient, solid, and ascending.
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