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Originally Posted by WolfSpirit
I only know saw that there are three light circles on the ground. It could be light from the skies shining on the ground, or some other magical lights...
I wondered about those. I don't know what they are either. But I thought they might be other avenues for ascending souls besides the one being used. If you look just below the projecting part of the dolmen's roof, you'll see an ascending arc of round, bright objects. (Link below.) I thought those might be souls too far away to see or souls just beginning to ascend--whatever. Below all this is one of the circles you describe. Might it be another "soul highway" that is not active? Or is partially active? Or one point in a magic circle? Or, as you say, a light shining on the ground. They're mysterious and intriguing though, whatever they are.

Originally Posted by WolfSpirit
As for the burial stone, it immediately reminded me of the one I saw in Ireland (in The Burren):
Yes! the Burren dolmen resembles the Maat dolmen almost perfectly! Especially the rocky barrenness around it and that pointy rock in the rear. The site near Cornwall was grassy. (Certain, now, that she hasn't mistaken a burial chamber for a funerary platform, Greycats tucks her paws under her chest and relaxes. A nap, perhaps . . . )
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