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There are so many interesting images in this card!

The turbulent sky indicates a new weather front or season is moving in: ...changes are a-coming.

The standing stones with the upward slanting capstone gives the impression of a ramp or launch pad to the heavens. Or it could be viewed as a giant scale, used to weigh souls against Maat's feather.

Those faces on the upper right contained within an upward (or downward) sweeping arc (or uterus?). These may be souls awaiting judgment and "direction", or awaiting new incarnation. Or departed family/clan members. Perhaps they represent masks, the different personas that a soul wears during its incarnations.

The faint circle of stars rotating on the horizon, these may be new souls, spiralling towards creation. Similarly, the three faint rose-colored orbs that hover over the rocky landscape may represent soul seeds, about to take form on earth. Or they may represent non-corporeal beings from the next phase of evolution, who have come down to observe and provide direction (judgment).

The nude pregnant body with the belly like the planet earth definitely looks like Mother Earth / Gaia. The ghostly green woman at the base of the card could represent a new incarnation, or the dream of what once was or will be.

The mixture of the old (the ancient rocks, the primeval landscape), the new (the pregnant Gaia, the incoming weather front), and the in-between (the ghostly visages and half-formed orbs) depicts that aura of timelessness that Julie mentions in the BBB (big brown book). This is where time, space, energy, direction, spirit, and form intersect, at the crossroads on this Cross Quarter day.
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