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<<At one stage, they mentioned that they may do a 'standard' and 'deluxe' version - the latter may be bigger, with metallic accents maybe.>>

I'm not fond of metallic accents on cards, some of the Lo Scarabeo decks that do this look so cheesy to me. The whole idea is to get the flavour of medieval art and the subtle colouring and symbolism that you've put together without being overwhelmed with 21st century glitz. You can forward my opinion to the U.S. Games marketing department. <g>

However, I am encouraged that they see that a bigger version might sell just as well. I am not fond of standard deck sizes, particularly where much symbolism and real artwork is featured. Perhaps it's simply a matter of difficulty in setting up the presses in odd sizes?

Funny about the way people put together decks in their own fashion. But that's the beauty of it, the stylistic and philosophical impulse. Different tastes are great, I consider we are lucky that way with all the different decks and visions.

Thanks for the info--tell them no metallic stuff!!! (I'm going to get in big trouble I can tell)

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