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Smile MAAT Study Group 10 of Swords

Card of the Week beginning later today
December 10th, 2006
Last Quarter Moon in Virgo

10 of Swords
Planetary ruler Jupiter

The 10 of Swords is no doubt one of the most graphic images in the MAAT Tarot. One should know that this card should be taken symbolically and not literally. It is a card of burning emotions as are many of the sword cards. This image should be taken as how we feel on the inside when we are betrayed and backstabbed. This card puts us on notice to watch our need for perfection, domination or control of others BEFORE it comes to this... Overkill. This card which traditionally means overkill or being backstabbed by friends or co-workers can and should be taken as a warning to ease up a little.

Sometimes in the quest to create our reality we may overstep our bounds and start to create the reality of others. This can lead to conflict if other people don't see things your way. Be sure your dreams stay your own and don't infringe on the dreams of others.

This week we find ourselves in the midst of the holiday season. There is a lot of pressure to make the holiday perfect, making sure that all the traditional tasks get done while every year it seems we MUST improve as well somehow make it even better than the year before. This pressure realized or unrealized can have our nerves as tight as a bow string. Take a moment and take a breath if the kids put all the ornaments in the same three lower branches its okay. No one will care. Enjoy the moment forget what you were expecting the holiday to be and allow it to be what it is. If some of the traditional cookies don't get baked this year that's okay too.


For a deeper look at the Virgo moon check out the other Virgo moon cards;

Virgo symbolized as ~ Our Dreams for ourself, single minded and inner knowing through the phases of the moon...

New-(Aug 23 - Sep 22)-4 of Coins-Traditionally 'the miser' this card depicts a farmer and his wife in their root cellar storing away their harvest for use through the winter. A card that reminds us to save some of the abundance of the now for the future.

First Quarter(May 21 - Jun 20)-9 of Coins Traditionally the 'wish' card reminds us to be careful what we wish for as the person in the card blows dandelion seeds(wishes) into the air we see the results as a field of dandelions.

Full-(Feb 19 - Mar 20)-Princess of Wands- an unabashedly naked pre-European contact native American girl stands in defiance. She is symbolic of the infertile earth of late winter. Her prepubescent body symbolizes un-awakened potential. Her body, her talents, her hopes and dreams are all on the edge of awakening. She is innocence.

Full Moon Cycle(Feb 19 - Mar 20)-The High Priestess-The sleeping goddess, The dormant virginal earth on the verge of awakening. She is the dream within, inspiration, the muse, the wisdom that comes from within.


Have a stress-free week,


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