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Originally Posted by kenji
I have obtained another 1930's deck with 1890 tax stamp --
but it has THE YELLOW DICE on Le Bateleur & THE TULIP on the 4 of Coins.
So, now it has turned out that THE DICE & THE TULIP appeared as early as 1930's.

And in addition, the deck is extra thick -- nearly 45mm!
Hello Kenji,

I just have obtained a similar deck:
1890 tax stamp, yellow dice and tulip, 45 mm thick and the same cardback as your 1930 copy (see scans from deck 16 of this thread)

Interesting and new for me are the colors:
All blues and green are very much lighter and softer.
Though the scheme-color remains the same, the overall coloring looks quite different from the other early Marteau-Grimaud.
This coloring seems to match in some points the remarks arcano made.

The copyright mark: B.P GRIMAUD PARIS is also much thinner printed

According to Peter Endebrok
the 1890 tax stamp has been used from 1890 to 1917 and from 1922 to 1940.
What leads you to nevertherless date the deck from 1930?

Best regards
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