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Hi Judy,

So you reckon she looks a bit butch, eh?

Definitely a woman - I personally think her face is very womanly in a dignified, slightly matronly way. Beautiful coiled hair, high cheekbones and the slight double-chin; the graceful hands and sloped shoulders. Certainly, she has a very austere look - which is why I chose her for this card. But she doesn't look like a bloke to me... Hopefully in the larger version of the card, her gracefulness will show a bit more easily. I'll pop a bigger version on the site for you to look at next time I update.

The source of the woman in this collage is "St Clare and St Elizabeth of Hungary"1317 by Simone Martini. I can't tell you if this woman was St Clare or St Elizabeth, but it's supposed to be one of the two. I guess a man could have posed for the pic - who's to say? I suspect a lot of St Stephens were posed by women - they're often FAR too pretty, even for an adolescent boy.

The woman's flattened chest is quite common in pictures of the era - they had a very different view of beauty. Also characteristics that could be construed as sexual, such as breasts, may have been particularly avoided on images of saints? If there are any professional Art Historians hanging around these boards, perhaps they could throw in their two cents worth.

Woo-hoo! I really like this specific discussion on a particular card, gives me a chance to express all the little issues that I thought about as I worked away on each collage (often for days). Things like why I chose this particular woman - it was so important to ME, but I never thought anyone else would even notice, let alone care why! So, thanks for the great question

By the way - I suppose you guessed that the Queens were the ones that meant the most to me? heh heh. Queen of Wands is my Significator, but all of the Queens are close to my heart.

kind regards,
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