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Re: Queen of Swords

[QUOTE]Originally posted by retrokat

<<So you reckon she looks a bit butch, eh? >>

Definitely!! She looks like your Caesar (I think in the Emperor card?)--kind of that soft, decadent look, reminds me of Nero, or some depraved Roman.

<<Definitely a woman - I personally think her face is very womanly in a dignified, slightly matronly way. Beautiful coiled hair, high cheekbones and the slight double-chin; the graceful hands and sloped shoulders. Certainly, she has a very austere look - which is why I chose her for this card. But she doesn't look like a bloke to me... Hopefully in the larger version of the card, her gracefulness will show a bit more easily.>>

==Yeah, I think had I been able to see the hair better it might have been more obvious. Thanks for stating the reference to the original picture--one of the joys of your deck is going to be all these art references

<<The woman's flattened chest is quite common in pictures of the era - they had a very different view of beauty. Also characteristics that could be construed as sexual, such as breasts, may have been particularly avoided on images of saints?>>

==Well, I've seen this in Tudor times, but I guess because she's rather chubby below the chest it never computed. I suppose the rich were more fleshy than regular folk.

<<By the way - I suppose you guessed that the Queens were the ones that meant the most to me? heh heh. Queen of Wands is my Significator, but all of the Queens are close to my heart.>>

==And I am the Queen of Swords which is why I always check her out first in decks. I always check The Magician, The Chariot, and the Queen of Swords. She's a good 'un!!


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