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Originally Posted by kenji
Hi coredil

Please read my previous post:

On the 2 of Coins Marteau put the year "1930".
And I have never seen anything refer to Marteau's TdM in 1920s...
Thanks for your answer Kenji
But ... I guess I must be clearer:
my question was more about a more exact dating of all these early decks between 1930 and let say 1949 date of the first printing of Marteaus book (though it seems as if there are earlier editions of his book too!)

To me the 1930 deck would be the one with Lys and no dice, as the copy you have and as the Dusserre reproduction shows.
Somewhere after 1930 appears the Tulip and the dice, but when is the question I have

And as the tax stamp has been used until 1940, the decks with tulip and dice could have been from 1940 and not 1930.
But well, sometimes I just wonder how important it is to date these decks

I nevertherless still have a question about the coloring.
Does your copy of the 1930 deck with Lys and no dice or your copy with tax stamp have this light blue and light green?
The difference is very clear for the green looking at the As of Batons and for the blue it is easy to see the difference on most every card of the major arcane and particulary on La Lune
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