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Oh, the Devil!

Originally Posted by magpie9
Perhaps if I think of the woman as a gateway to new things, to change and new ideas, I can see this card of birth as "the Devil", because we humans are, as a group, so afraid of change. The Devil as doorway of change kind of works for me--not personally, but as a human fear and concept. Certainly, any woman who has given birth knows that her life and world has never been the same since then. And then there's Pandora's box, as well....

But I have to say that this card as the devil is still a hard stretch for me. Perhaps if I understood the moon astrology the deck is based on, it would be different...but I can barely stretch my head around sun astrology, as it is.
I quite understand. When I first saw Blue Moon's Devil card, I must have laughed for five minutes (with relief) because I never thought to see something that expressed what I'd been thinking & feeling for years. Nobody else ever seemed to feel that way.

But there are other ways to approach this arcana. One thing to remember is that the Maat is a pagan deck, and pagan decks tend to tinker with the Devil card. Many pagans worship some version of the Horned God, upon whom the Devil's image is modeled. They regard the "Devil" as an insulting perversion of this deity. So, if you see the Devil in a pagan deck, he will likely be either a positive figure (see attachment--Wheel of Change Tarot) or an ambiguous one. He won't be evil, although some decks (Robin Wood, for example) substitute a metaphorical object for the figure. He often gives us permission to enjoy the gifts of Nature and the natural world.

The Maat, however, goes a step farther. The Devil undergoes a sex change. So now it's She. And She not only gives us permission to enjoy nature, She is Nature. All of it. Everywhere. Earth, solar systems, natural laws, celestial mechanics--you name it. And She's the Devil.

So: what to do? Myself, I usually read the Devil as someone doing something that s/he knows is wrong--stupid, bad, whatever. But, in the Maat I think we might look at attitude, first. You see something that looks wonderful and it's called "Devil," an obvious contradiction. So, you have to rethink: "is what I'm seeing really wonderful?" or "is everything Devil traditionally represents really evil?"

Perhaps one should look at things that affect ones point of view: prejudices, received opinions from others. Stereotyping and labeling. There may be a need to reexamine issues, opinions long held and the like. Or, more positively, Maat's Devil may mean a sudden understanding or shift in attitude that makes everything new so that one understands everything differently. A new world opening up before you. Light on a subject that always seemed murky and disagreeable.

Oh and--I don't think that the difficulty people have with this arcana has to do with astrology, solar or lunar. I suspect it has more to do with personal experience.
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