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Wink more devil

Oh and--I don't think that the difficulty people have with this arcana has to do with astrology, solar or lunar. I suspect it has more to do with personal experience.
Yes I have to agree here. I think most of all it is hard to give up that wonderful archetype of a male devil which embodies ultimate evil in the universe and serves as the duality for the Male Christian God as ulitimate Good.
If we don't have our Devil to blame our bad behavior on, then we may have to take responsiblity for our own actions. It always reminds me of the old school days when the boys from junior high would think the girl with the big breasts must be a slut.
I keep thinking of the celibate monks from the dark ages spinning the stories of Herne the Hunter and Cernunnos as the embodiment of evil to diminish their power with the indigenous populations.The story growing with each generation like the horror movies of our era. People love to be scared. And then there is that nasty business of having to explain why God made people come from female bodies. And why rats don't spontaniously generate from rags...

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