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I'm still new to solar don't take this as the be all end all.

But in the solar return scorpio is 5th house...but from what I been really want to see where these return planets are actually falling in your chart.

Scorpio is a bit of your 11th, your whole 12th, ad a bit of your first.
Planets in scorpio for the SR are 7 - 21 degrees.
All the returns are falling into your 12th house. Which doesn't show anything with children for you or anything dealing with 5th house matters from a very superficial look at the chart.

12th deals with foreign lands, isolation, hospitals, hidden enemies, moksha (enlightenment), expenses, loss, dreams, etc. I have also heard 12th can indicate your investments especially with foreign lands.

The 7th house planet returns in the SR chart deal with capricorn. In your birth chart capricorn is mostly in your 2nd and a tad bit in your 3rd house. 2nd deals with your assets, savings, throat, voice, early childhood, I believe movable property (such as cars), etc. 3rd house deals with short distance travels, siblings, courage, writing (i believe), and some other stuff. The planets of the SR in capricorn (7th) is 19-22 degrees....all 2nd house.

So I don't see anything with relationship...most likely you may be involved in speculation and business partners. There is a high amount of ties to your finances and financial relationships.

There is one more planet in capricorn of the 6th house SR which is around 2 degrees capricorn...that falls again in the 2nd house. 6th house deals with those we hire, (vedic) enemies, health, work colleagues, it's a house dealing with unpleasant situations...also deals with small animals (such as dogs & cats...maybe even small livestock)...the 6th is also 2nd from 5th which shows your earnings from 5th house matters.

Also all the planets in your 7th house SR are pretty much conjunct with the planets in your 2nd house.

I personally see nothing tied to romantic relationships. But I could be wrong so take this with a grain of salt considering I'm still a novice at solar returns.

(my house meanings are coming from the south asian/indian astrology called vedic)
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