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I'm also only recently getting my footing with Solar Returns but seeing the planet placements in conjunction with your natal doesn't scream the kind of fatherhood that you're likely looking for unless you're looking to have people call you with a surprise news that they're pregnant. Having your 5H planets in your natal 12th House shows... if there are pregnancies, that they're likely ones you may not know about at first. Especially with your SR Uranus in your natal 5H. Unless you're actually currently seriously involved with someone, it may be a good idea to, you know, take precautions unless you're 100% actually ready and in a position to be a committed father.

However, if i'm reading it correctly (it would help if you had the houses showing for your SR over your Natal), your North Node is in your SR 1H, which would mean your south node is in the 7H. The years I've had this show up in my chart were years that I spent pretty intensely single. Any attempt at dating were given up on rather quickly either out of boredom or just simply wanting more. With it hitting your Natal 9H, it gives me the impression that you might need to learn to think bigger, wider and more openly when it comes to yourself, especially yourself in relationship to other people. 7H isn't just romantic relationships but is also any kind of close partnership (and also open enemies/rivals) so perhaps if you're looking for love and kids, this will be a year to help you get a better idea of how to get that to happen.
I'm not ready to be a father, do you think this could all be more based on a romantic relationship in the SR?
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