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Originally Posted by La'al quiet fella View Post
Does anyone know of any basis for 2 missing paths/cards to be titled the beggar and the fountain? They would cross from chesed, through daath, to binah?

There seems to be reference to them in Alan Moore's Promethea. The beggar is the lost tarot card when entering Daa'th and leads from Chesed. The fountain for when leaving D'aath and leads up to Binah.

Found this here -:

Elsewhere it was mentioned from the novel that in it, 'Austin Osman Spare explains to them what the Tree was like before the fall, and how Daath was a Sephirah in its own right, with Paths leading to and from it-- The Beggar (Chesed-Daath) and The Fountain (Daath-Binah)'.

Maybe Austin Osman Spare is a possible source? Apparently he created his own tarot deck which was identified in 2013 and has been compiled in to a book for sale early 2016. Some editions have already been sold out.
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