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The High Priestess-
My first impression is very off-putting; this card makes me have odd feelings that I cannot place and it makes me uncomfortable. So in taking a closer look, this is what I am getting:

1.) It seems as though she is doing a new moon ritual new beginnings.
2.) Her face is very pale like a ghost, but her arms have normal color she is physical and spiritual.
3.) She looks like she has been through a lot physically, but she is starting to open up spiritually and finding herself. (I can connect with this)
4.) She has her eyes closed she no longer needs to see with her physical eyes.
5.) She has a whip and BOS on her alter - again, physical and spiritual items.
6.) There is a cat in the background watching, could be her familiar support & anchor come to mind.

But I am still unsure as to why I am so uncomfortable with this card.
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