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Also, personally I often see cards as having 4 core sides. Both a positive/negative or balanced/unbalanced view of the upright card, and the same for the Rx card.

Think of a diamond:
Each card can be seen as having many facets, like a single diamond can look many different ways depending on the view angle, the lighting, whether it is inside, outside, whether it is sunny, under jeweler's lights in a showroom, etc...

Ideas and examples:
Balanced Upright: Moving forward. Seeing how to have a quantum leap to get to a new level.

UnBalanced Upright: Staying in a protective shell. Not wanting to venture out.

Balanced Rx: Seeing a whole new option to change that is different from anything you have thought of before.

UnBalanced Rx: Scared to move ahead because it is different so this fear immobilizes.

This is not complete by any means. This is just a start. Can you think of other examples? Do you feel various emotions that could be associated with different angles?
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