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We do have some serious creative ideas springing from this World thread. I do believe if this was moved out of the specific Gilded section, and into the genera card section of AT, it would get more action. I almost did not initially click here, but I am glad I followed thru and allowed intuition to guide me, because there are some very interesting, and unique angles emerging here!

I had never considered batons like a relay race tool: a symbol of one thing needed to do this, then move on to the next part, etc. It is almost a mini completion with each leg of a race with each baton...

Or tools to balance on a tightrope. Life sure can be a tight rope at times!

And I was just pondering how the wand of 21 The World relates back to the 1 The Magician with his wand back at the beginning. (And some say the Fool has his wand that he carries on his shoulder withe the bag on it back there at Zero.)

PS I have pondered the concept of 4 angles for every card for years. This is the 1 st time I ever wrote down examples. I have often wanted to start a study group thread where lots of people could come together to define examples of the 4 angles for each card. It feels like it could make an amazing guide to brainstorm creative meanings, instead of getting stuck in a pattern like people often do, especially for certain cards like the 5s, etc....
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