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Originally Posted by Ventrue
2 1 3

1. 6 of Swords - Science
2. Queen of Swords
3. 4 of Swords - Truce
The Theme here is communication, since all the swords are turned either downward, or inward, I am going to say the situation is internalized greatly.

If you look at the Queen, she sits on her throne, seeming to consider everything around her and think about it. The Book of Thoth indicates the 21st of Virgo - 20th of Libra. Is this your girlfriend? If it is, and she is Libra, or heavy Libra influance, this could be indicative of her lack of decision making because she has to be "balanced", a theme which is reflected in the next two cards.

The Six takes this to the next level, mulling over ideas for an extended period of time, in a balanced fashion. (See the other Six Thread for more info).

This should, in theory - expand into structured action within the 4, even if that action is simply making peace with yourself. This is shown as Jupiter in Libra.

I realize this doesn't exactly answer your question. The prevelance of swords however, signify that this is all discussion, and discussion only gets you so far without action to take the next step and have those ideas manifest.

There seeems to be a balance theme here, as much as considering the situation from several differant angels (as seen in both the four and six). This does suggest evenutal compormise, but only after being totally sure of what action is required.

One thing I feel I should mention, is coming to a Truce does not nessercarly mean you win. It just means the other person stops fighting. The two are not the same. The cards shown as not indicative of any materialisitc, emotional or passionate aspect, just pure discussion and thought. Something to be aware of as without balance to a given situation (as shown in the four and six) We end up with situations such as those expressed in the 3 and 5 of the same suit.

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