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Originally Posted by gypsylady View Post
Thank you for your response! I love the example that you used to explain how questions are answered differently

I was hoping to get a chance to really study playing cards because I had resigned from my job and was going to take some time while on Employment Assistance to just unwind and bounce back from the burn-out I had experienced, then of course, I was offered a great position with an agency (the opportunity completely came out of nowhere), so I am now working again and have less time to spend learning the cards.
Glad you liked my comments -- and congratulations on the new job. You were quite lucky.

I know some people really love reading with playing cards, because they are more direct, but from what I have read and experienced myself, they are more limited in what they can do, which is not necessarily a bad thing.

I have also seen that some people who first learned to read Tarot tend to attribute some of the meanings to the playing cards. I am not sure what others think of this- it may inevitable to do so, but it is something I am hoping to steer clear of so as not to mix both methods. It does add depth to the reading, but I think that meanings are associated to playing cards and tarot as separate tools.
I think that when people use tarot meanings on playing cards it's because people are creatures of habit. It's just a matter of getting used to something new. And I prefer also not to mix methods; mixing would defeat the purpose of using the playing card system in the first place.

One thing I like about cartomancy is that it has a very fortune-tellerish feel to it. I realize that tarot is already pretty fortune-tellerish, but tarot also has a very scholarly side. It has an aristocratic history from its early Italian days, and it has a lot of intellectual esotericists who have incorporated it into their divinatory systems. Sometimes it's used for psychological and therapeutic purposes, too. Playing cards and their reading systems don't have any of this. Cartomancy is something born from the people. It goes along with crystal balls, palm reading, and tea leaves. It makes me want to call myself Madame something or other.

Tarot and playing cards are from different schools of thought. They have similarities, but I get a kick out of the differences.
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