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I'm surprised there aren't more responses here; it's an interesting topic. Maybe the thread would fit better in Talking Tarot -- just a thought.

Anyway, I like both tarot and playing card cartomancy also. But I think the two systems are suited to different kinds of questions. They even have different styles of answering the same question. I find that the meanings in tarot are more metaphorical and philosophical. In cartomancy, the answers are more direct. For example:

Tarot cards will tell you: You are about to undergo a major transition that will put you on a journey full of mystery, adventure, and struggle. You will meet many deceptive and unreliable persons along the way. Then you will find yourself in a strange situation surrounded by people you have never known before, in a position that you have never been in or imagined before.

Playing cards will tell you: You are going to be fired from your job.

Playing cards tell it like it is, but this is probably because of the meanings attributed to the cards. In tarot the meanings run very deep. There's layer upon layer of innuendo and symbolism. Tarot also has the Major Arcana, which deals with all those Major Issues. There's more court cards too, leaving more room for personality variations. Also, many tarot decks are illustrated, and these pictures can affect the reading as well. Since traditional playing cards don't have pictures, it's not a factor.

I think that tarot and cartomancy serve slightly different purposes, and are each better suited to different kinds of questions. Tarot's mystical meanings makes it well suited for mystical questions, and mystical answers to ordinary questions (although any question can be asked of tarot). Cartomancy with playing cards works better on the issues of everyday life. I find it more limited in what it can do, but also much more clear in the way it speaks.

I love how you have put this, I was trained in tarot by my teacher however I am looking for a more practical use closer to the nest as my teacher was gypsy she taught me tarot her personal favorite. Anyways this helps a lot actually I think it takes more skills to learn cartomancy as one needs to know how to integrate, numerology basic symbolism, combinations and spreads, I am learning how but need help as I am done with training and am now setting off on my new path to build on my own skills as I set off to further my divination skills and knowledge. I was actually thinking of making a custom deck by taking one of my old decks and only placing the suites aces-kings to mimic a playing card deck with tarot cards. Would this work has anyone else tried this before?
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