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Hi Cancer69. I'm glad you enjoyed my ramblings. And thanks for waking up this thread. It's an interesting topic.

Originally Posted by Cancer69 View Post
I was actually thinking of making a custom deck by taking one of my old decks and only placing the suites aces-kings to mimic a playing card deck with tarot cards. Would this work has anyone else tried this before?
I haven't done this but I can see where it would work nicely. But I think it would work best with a deck that has non-illustrated pips. A Marseille deck seems ideal. But any other deck with non-illustrated pips is also good.

If a deck has illustrated minors, they'd still be bound to the tarot meanings. So it would still end up being tarot. When you don't have the illustrations, you can use any cartomantic system you like. I'm a big fan of the Hedgewytchery system myself.
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