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Welcome to Aeclectic, and to tarot Anne_23!

I love the Navigators deck. I think only Le Fanu has more copies of the deck than I do.

My advice to a newbie is to pick a deck that resonates with you, and it seems like the Navigators does. But you should understand that it's a non-traditional deck in many ways and if you ever want to move over to a more RWS-style deck, you're going to have to unlearn a lot of things. Her Majors go from 21 to 0 for example as she goes down the Tree of Life, while most decks go up the Tree. She also changed the order of the Majors around.

Do you just have the LWB that comes with the deck, or did you happen to buy the set with the much larger companion book? She also wrote three novels based on the cards.

I've written my own study guide for the deck, which I guess I never got around to putting up on Aeclectic in the form of Study Group posts. The Study Group can be found at Navigators of the Mystic SEA. I've taken her info from the companion book and blended it with my own study of the imagery/symbolism (which the book is good about detailing). I'm very slowly incorporating the info from the three novels into that study guide. Once that's all complete, I'll put it all in the Study Group.

I'd be happy to answer any specific questions about the deck.

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