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Signed copies

There was some discussion earlier here about signed copies, but the current general plan is:

I recommend that the "Artist's Card" is better to sign than the deck. It's one of the extra cards I designed, since there are 80 cards on a printing sheet. Basically, it's a message from me to readers so it seems the logical thing to sign, rather than the box. But hey, I'll sign your Grandma if you really want me to

If you live in the US, you can buy signed copies through Jeannette's site. She'll send me whatever wants signing and I'll give 'em a scribble and return them to her for sending out to you. If we do a bunch at a time, and especially if it's cards rather than boxes, I don't think it will add much to the cost (obviously someone's going to be paying the return postage to Australia, but one card is much cheaper to post than a bulky box).

I will sell signed copies myself, but given international freight, customs and all that kind of thing, it will probably only be worthwhile to fans in Australia and New Zealand. I'll probably do so on eBay as well, since I'll be selling bags there too. Although the box it comes in is so beautiful, I don't reckon anyone's going to want to keep their deck in a bag!
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