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I think you said it nicely SarahJoy: 'because the number of suit symbols isn't easily evident looking at the cards,' it will take some study before using. I've been studying them for about a week and did a couple of three card readings w/ it the other day. It's a fascinating deck. It definitely speaks in its own language. On the one hand i like that i'm not looking at 8 cups stacked up neatly in a row, and that the suit symbols are almost beside the point. You have, (i don't know maybe a third of the cards) that are v. RWS, readable right out of the box, and then you have cards that u see the symbols, (i'm thinking of 3 cups) but the depiction doesn't have the usual celebratory feel. The primary figure, a coral-haired girl submerged up to her nose in the frog-pond clasping her cup has almost a worried expression. But the feel of the card is one of merging, and seems so unique and appropriate; and instead of there being two other girls or women in primary view, there is instead in the far background another mer-girl who could be the primary subject's twin, except she's slightly more blue-skinned than green, and she is slurping from her cup, and our third mer-girl? It's awesome: in the left foreground is one wide open eye reflected in the cup and hands coming up from under the water grasping it. I love that.

I would say roughly a third of the cards turn staid impressions on their head; however, unlike a deck like ceccoli where a small percentage of the cards first make a reader scratch their head, i think the rogue cards here wont be such a stretch. I found myself being able to do plenty w/ a card like temperance that i didn't realize until reading the lwb is actually of a woman holding a box that has unleashed what i would call a shamanic vision of all sorts of animals, specifically the intersection of predators w/ their prey. I couldn't tell from looking at the card that it was a box they came out of, specifically a 'hinged box'. It's unique though, and clever, and kind of oddly powerful. My readings were satisfying; my v. tolerant 8 year old niece who i read for let me go v. slowly.

EDITING TO ADD: okay it's not 'hinged' box, that was my own cuing to remind myself about the interdependency between predators and prey, but to give the lwb it's due this is how its worded: Predator and prey burst forth from a box clasped in a woman's hands. Everything in this world hinges on the nuances of balance.' So they used hinged, just not describing the box. I do alot of my Aeclecting on the road, and am not able to scan images. However, you can google '3 cups ostara' and you'll get a pix of it, from one of the creator's homepage. I think the Temperance card is on their main feed.

I did the edges in sooty black which seems to help w/ the slight (perforation marks?) --the light scuffing around the edges that seems to come w/ this type of glossy stock. Although, my main beef w/ the glossiness is that its the type of cardstock that to me looks great when a deck is new, but i don't think they look so hot down the line after they've been used a lot: scuff marks and smears. They don't wear as nicely as some good old u.s. games matte cardstock-- well, depends on the deck, but you know what i mean: like normal playing cards, something that can handle the bends of life that you dont feel like you have to pussy foot around wearing white gloves whenever you use it. I also, personally, like a little whip in the cards when i shuffle.
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