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Faerie Seekers Circle (FSC) ~ sign up thread ~ Sept 2013

Hi all,

Here is the sign up thread for the Faerie Seekers for the month of September.

~ this circle uses either or both together of the two Brian Froud decks, The Faeries' Oracle and the Heart of Faerie. No other faerie decks.

~ the circle runs for the entire month, but I do ask that members complete their readings by the 21st and have posted feedback by month's end.

~ if you have trouble completing your reading, please let both me and your partner(s) know as soon as possible. Disappearing takes away your ability to participate in future rounds.

The spread can be used with a situation or can be a general, up to you.

A spread for the month of September

1. Where do I stand right now? (in this situation? at this moment in my life?)

2. What am I rejecting, repelling, forcing out of my life right now?

3. What am I attracting, drawing in, yearning towards in my life right now?

4. What external obstacles/ challenges am I having to deal with?

5. What is my best course for moving ahead to the best possible outcome.

I would place the 1 card in the centre with the 2 through 5 cards around it.


I decided to add another, shorter spread as an option. You and your partner can decide when the pairing are announced. If you have a strong preference for one spread over the other, please mention in your sign up post and I'll try and manage the pairings.

Slightly modified:

Glass Owl's short and sweet
3 Card Advice Spread

1. This is what I should take a bit more seriously (embrace)
2. This is what I should take less seriously (let go of)
3. This what I truly love in my deepest heart.

Hope this appeals.

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