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General observations.

DES. Pronounced 'Day-ess' in the Golden Dawn Enochian dialect.

Tiphareth in Yetzirah.

D = Spirit, Shin, Atu XX - The Aeon.
E = Virgo, Yod, Atu IX - The Hermit.
S = Gemini, Zain, Atu IV - The Lovers.

Sh(300) + Yod(10) + Zain(7) = 317. This doesn't seem to be a particularly significant number. One Hebrew word that might fit is, ChDShH, which means 'new.'
In Greek it is the value of Bebelos, βεβηλος, which means profane. This is what the Eagle of Jove calls himself in the vision. But I'm not particularly convinced by either of these.

The letters of DES may indicate the Thelemic gods on Atu XX. D-Spirit/Akasha is Nuit. Atu IX is Hadit. And Atu VI is the twin brothers Ra-Hoor-Khuit and Hoor-Paar-Kraat.


1. The vision opens with the image of a pentagram which symbolises the four elements and spirit. The angel is black but at the same time so bright he cannot be looked at. This may be the brilliant-black of Akasha - Spirit. Spears, vials of poison, sharp swords, and whirling thunderbolts are symbols of the four elements, but they appear to be destructive.

"His name is Righteousness in Beauty?" (Chesed in Tiphareth?) I think this refers to the Eagle god who appears later. Crowley attributes him to Jesus and Jehovah, the old demiurge who must be deposed. (The 16th Aethyr, Tiphareth in Briah, repeats this on a higher arc.)
Each Sephirah on the Tree of Life is said to contain a Tree of it's own. If the Eagle god represents Chesed on this sub-Tree, then maybe his destruction represents the passage to Binah in Tiphareth. As such it may represent the crossing of an abyss (not The Abyss) in consciousness symbolised by the appearance of the Stele, Atu XX.

The rest of this line is obscure. Sight is "burnt out" and hearing has been impaired. Sight is attributed to Fire, and hearing to Spirit which both correlate with the letter Shin. But sight is also attributed to the letters Heh and hearing to Vau. His name is "as two mountains of fornication" and his father is not in them. So he is the Son? This suggests the letter Vau between the Heh's (the breasts of a strange woman). The Father is not 'in them' because he precedes them in the name IVHV. But the with the link to the pentagram and Shin-Spirit is I suspect this angel is meant to represent IHShVH.

2. This line seems to refer to the Father. "He" is a title of Kether spelt, HVA, in Hebrew. It's gematria value is 12. The number 1728 is merely 12 cubed. This suggests the 'manifestation' of Kether in Tiphareth.

3. The crossing of the angels wings suggests a barrier. What is about to be brought forth (the Eagle) is cut off from what he represents. He utters the tetragrammaton as a curse because there is no link to the Supernal Triad. Wisdom, understanding and knowledge are Chokmah, Binah, and Daath. The House is Beth - Mercury, the Mind. It is the intellect without the influence of the supernals that is the blasphemy against One. In this sense it also represents the Demiurge.

4. The penalty for worshipping the Demiurge is presented via symbols of Air, Water, Earth, and Fire. But there is no Spirit here, and that's the problem.

5. This 'cut off' Demiurge-Mind is now brought forth as golden Eagle. The eagle corresponds to Jupiter and is also the elemental kerub of Air. Gold is the colour of Tiphareth. Crowley makes the link to Jehovah and Jesus via this symbolism.

6. His cry of woe declares that his purpose has come to an end. With no sin or salvation there's no need for a saviour. But immediately after this, and in typical egoic style, he tries to 'big himself up'.

7. But he comes back down to earth from this flight of fancy and admits his limitation. A promising sign!

8. The intellect is blinding. Glory is the sephira Hod and elemental water. The waters of illusion?
This line also seems to denigrate theory for it's own sake. It's not real.
The sacred word is possibly NOX. But the actual experience is different from illusory ideas dreamed up beforehand.

9. The eagle admits that he is the accursed one and a reversal in consciousness is required. Atu XII?

10. The realization if his dualistic nature and his own limits.

11. An appeal to Mother-Binah and Father-Chokmah. Where's this guy's big ego gone? The truth hurts.

12. Only a double 'woe' this time. He is beginning to accept his situation as the accursed two. The intellect begins to lose it's rigid grip, which is necessary for further progress.
In some respects this may also mirror the current state of exoteric religion in the West where Christianity has rapidly lost it's relevance in many people's lives. While the followers of Islam seem to be desperately trying to 'shore up the walls' in a last act of self defence that is angry and militant.

13. The eagle is attacked. The transformation begins and the life force, once dammed up within the eagle, now begins to flow once more. The colour crimson relates to Binah.
Ecclesia abhorret a sanguine, ("The Church abhors blood"), is symbolic of the formula of the Old Aeon. But in order to grow one must move beyond one's self imposed boundaries.

14. Solve et coagula! The appearance of the Stele of Revealing and the dawn of the New Aeon. The new Vision. Atu XX The Aeon replacing Judgement.

15. With the Vision returns the Voice with a message inspired by Liber AL II:21.
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