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The vision opens with the image of a pentagram which symbolises the four elements and spirit. The angel is black but at the same time so bright he cannot be looked at. This may be the brilliant-black of Akasha - Spirit.
I didn't realise that black could symbolise spirit, Akasha, that is new for me. I like this description I have just read about this as 'the silent void of creation', the spirit element.

"Space has been described as infinite and endless, into which all things lose their distinction. Similarly all colours, all light, lose its distinction in black. Akasha embraces the co-existence of opposites within the void. This can be understood as the void being the field from which everything manifests and into which all eventually dissolves. Akasha has no beginning and no end; it is directionless and yet is the source of all directions. Akasha gives life to, and nourishes the other elements. It provides the foundation for air, fire, water and earth to perform the dance of creation."

This Aeythr feels very confusing and full of (apparent) loss. I guess that is part of the theme as well.. I am not sure whether the old Jesus/Osiris? figure has been replaced or whether it is a transformation. It is mentioned that he is realising he is the double accursed one possibly representing in someway two major religions both stemming from the old testament. But he is still also seems to be 'the son' calling out to his mother and father, who are the gods/supernals...and so he is aware of them? it also seems like he is ashamed with the awareness of his own manifestation, (Malkuth).
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