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Originally Posted by NewWorldAstrology
Did Crowley give the Knight the same meaning as the Knight in the RWS? I thought the Knight replaced the Kings?
The RWS is NOT a Golden Dawn deck (proof: look at it).

In the Thoth, Knights are seen active and so perform
the role of kingship. The big "YOD"

Queens are big but passive (the big "HE")

Kings are less active but still hooty-toots so:
"VAU" is for them rather than active Knights.

Princesses (not found in the RWS << hint hint >> )
are little and passive ~ the little "HE"

YHVH never actually appears anywhere in Tarot,
so this was all done over coffee at lunch, 1889.

And remember:

If a Knight's a King and a King's a Knight
if you see a Knight King as a King Knight
then a King is a King King when a Knight
is a Knight Knight, and not a Knight King.
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