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Originally Posted by dangerdork
Before you read this, you'll want some cards on hand.

Those are the paths in a nutshell. I've taken a shot at defining each of the Columns from left to right (those of you who haven't laid the cards out yet, good luck with this):

Your Origin - Your Inspiration - Your Power - The Turning Point - Your Transformation - Your Epiphany - Your Goal.

And to cap it off, that would make a damn good seven card spread, now wouldn't it?

I think this perspective on the Major Arcana is worth considerable study and discussion - and as far as I know:

You Heard It Here First.
Well, this makes perfect sense to me, even without card in hand.
Very interesting DD, and yes, this is the first I've read it, and even with no card in hand it makes perfect sense to me.
Good job!

Keep going,
We'll all eventually get here...
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