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Hi Mercury8.
There is a date that Frida Kahlo went to France 1939?- she spent her life mostly in Mexico and was bedridden for a great part of it. I personally love her art, and can see what you mean about some similarities. The Art Deco style was worldwide at this time. There is too much correspondence written between Crowley and Lady Freida Harris for the two women to be mistaken.
Here is some info for you about Lady Freida Harris (nee Bloxam)
As to the Catholic influence- not too much was apparent in Kahlo's work, although it is Mexican in influence (which is Catholic)
The Symbolic content of the Thoth cards is because of the Crowley's imput of his beliefs and her because she belonged to the Theosophical Society. She also took lessons in Sacred Geometry.
The two women are well documented and lived in different parts of the world. I have never read that they even met.
You can read about Art Deco style here
and you will see that Frida Kahlo's husband was known for his Art Deco style.
Welcome to the the Forum- I am sure you will enjoy it. ~Rosanne
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