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But look at the reins. They look more like something that holds back the curtains in a mansion, not some strong type of rein for controlling a big strong and lustful beast. I take it to mean that the reins are symbolic of an understood and agreed upon mode of working whether in a polarised external tantric partnership or other enterprise, or a new Aeonic rearrangement of the male/female, Superconcious/Id, Yin/Yang, etc. etc. forces.

My take on this 'symbolic' controll is lightly held, as we know, supression can make the uncontrolled energies rebellious and actually invoke them in a warped form. One must clearly define their space and range of influence, appreciate their input, outline their work and how essential they are as part of the holistic function but be absolutly adament that they never cross the boundaries into realms controlled by other parts of the psyche or will. In short, fair disipline, appreciation and reward administered by a fair, just and balanced entity (or in the magical realm - King. {As the magicians training Manuel says; one must be able to wear the Crown before one can wield the Sword ... a cool guy that Manuel } ).

This goes for Goetiac spirts, demonic evocation, exorcism, dog and horse traing and bringing up children
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