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Originally Posted by swimming in tarot

In this deck the High Priestess looks to me like a link between the Magician and the Empress not just numerically, but conceptually. Maybe it's like this in all decks, but only in this one does it strike me that she's about to change religion, as it were!

To try to explain: she looks dressed like a nun in mystical oriental robes, white gloves between her and the dirt of the world, heavy on the thinking, light on the doing. The Magician has all kinds of theoretical knowledge, too (which he does use, true enough).

We have interrupted her in her contemplation of a vial of red liquid--could be pomegranate juice, but is probably blood, quite likely her own. She meets our eyes: some sort of understanding has occurred to her about the red liquid, and by looking at us, she confirms it.
Your thoughts completely reasonable.

Actually she is perfect.
Any Soldier dreams to be General...

What does she think of? She is just on her TOP of her Maturation and may be she just think of two ways of her future life.

Her hothouse cocoon cover can be not only the storage of knowledge but also the seed container. She is ripe to be an Empress to give the birth to new life (pomegranate juice - symbol of life and blood), but she should decide to ACT to become Empress.

Of course, if she only does not God's wife and it does not Immaculate Conception...

From other side....
She can stay passive. She can be stay nurse in white gloves with a syringe full of fresh blood who makes refreshing injections to all the suffering, in order to resurrect the dead souls....
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