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The Bodacious Bodach 59

Today I picked the "Bod"
I just now read the book and once again my personal meeting with this Faerie was quite different. Perhaps he just decided to show this side today and next time will go back to be the tinker and meddler.

But today the Bod was a lot quieter and perhaps sadder then usual.

My notes:
He lives in the shadows. In very small spaces, like inside broken toasters and old shoes. He looks kind of guilty and a bit scared. and really really sad. Like that boy in school who wasn't exactly bullied but who wasn't let into the group either.
No light coming from him.

"jack be nimble jack be quick"
Somehow these lines just popped up in my head. So I used Google:
It is striking that I just noticed how he didn't emitt any light and how this rhyme has to do with jumping over a candlestick without extinguishing the flame...

I am pretty sure The Bodacious Bodach and me will meet again.
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