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Like you, Rhiannon, I originally choose the "Bode"(as I call him) as my least fav card...

Which of course means he's ALWAYS hovering around me...trying to get me to see why I should like him!
(and doing all sorts of "helpfull" things in the process.)

I love your description of him, jema...The "Jack Be Nimble" riddle...I find the sychronicity exciting! The fact is, that I often call him Jack! Jack of the Red Cap...the traditional faerie tale unintentional trickster hero...who causes mischief that ultimately leads to good in spite of himself.
(when the Bode, and O' THAT gnome get together...I am in real trouble! And when the Bode and my own faerie guide's like a giant fuzzy wrecking ball blew through!)

I can also relate to the sadder, lost boy image that you and Jewel describe as well....

It's the side I see of him, when I have just stepped in a huge pile of chaos, and I sort of yell out loud at him!
The Bode is often very sorry...and will even take the blame for things that it is obvious that he had nothing to do with.

But he always gets me to see that even with his meddling,(or especially because of his meddling!) I get farther along than if he wasn't there at all.
Because if some action didn't take place(even an action in the wrong direction) than I probably would have been lazy and taken no action at all!
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