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Hi folks,
I have the Faeries Oracle though I haven't really clicked with it yet. But I wanted to join in on this one, just to say that I chuckle a little chuckle to myself when I see this faery's name because you may or may not know that 'bod' (pronounced something like 'budh') is the Gaelic word for penis!!

'Bodach' means someone with one of those attached so initially it just meant the male of the species, but as time went on it gathered connotations of 'a bit of a boyo' a fellow who could be a bit rough or mischievous or unpredictable. In the Fiannaíocht, the cycle of tales about Fionn Mac Cumhail 'Bodach an Chóta Lachtna' or 'The Fellow in the Grey Coat' is the hero of a number of stories. He travels around getting in and out of various scrapes. He reminds me a bit of the Fool in the Tarot decks. People are wary of him, but, if I remember right there are hints that he might be one of the gods in disguise.

Hope I'm not sounding too pedantic here. What I'm trying to say is I think it's interesting is the way you've all picked up on the quintessential bodach traits. Jema saw the sadness as well as the tinkering/meddlingness of him, Chronata the trickster, Alissa and Sagitarian the mischief, and Jewel the loneliness. At times he can be mean and bullying, and adolescent, at other times calm and clever and mature. I remember initially disliking the fellow in the grey coat when I read those stories, so I can see how the Bodacious bodach could easily be Rhiannon's least favourite card.

I'm posting from work (oh dear, gives self slap on wrists) and don't have the cards or book here so I'm not sure if all this is a tribute to Brian Froud's and Jessica Macbeth's communicative abilities, or if you're all just a remarkably talented and psychic bunch of Faeries Oracle users!!!!
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