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I really like this version of the Devil card. Something about the little skeleton is charming. It seems like it's been jumping up and down, trying to get you to come over and play. Unfortunately though, most of our bad habits are picked up because they look so appealing. We know that they're bad, but at the same time they offer a comfortable break from the outside world. It's easy to convince ourselves that we're powerless against them, just like the little dogs chained up at the bottom of the pillar. However, this is a lie. Like many others have observed, the chains are loose and the dogs can leave whenever they want to.

Personally I feel trapped when I look at it, not because I've been courting the Devil, but because I've been trying to avoid it instead. I'm afraid of letting my guard down and making a mistake. The Devil has been trying to catch my attention, not to tempt me to follow the wrong path, but to remind me that it's actually safe to have more fun. I feel like even though this is quite literally a dark card the artist was able to capture a more optimistic message than we normally see. It has definitely become a favorite of mine.
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