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I will give all the suggestions a try. my sister got me some flourite I mentioned it to her I would like to try it and she put it in my postbox today! it's all shades of rainbow. blast im not member I wanted to show pic of it. i'll describe it.
lots of darkest purple/ minty green/white and heart shaped.

heat- using hot water bottle and dr upped pain meds I woke 3pm today --I know--I hadn't slept for 2 days due to it hurting I just slept like a baby. went to bed with my Carpenters progs on tv and headphones. ( Karen and Richards voices together wonderful stuff!)
I am not keen on pain meds I dont like to take them because I dont like using something that isnt natural. when needs must.
dinners ready Ive got to push self to get there. amazing how much we rely on backs and when it goes wrong we say how come? I was only lifting two bags of cat litter 'rolls eyes'

thank you for your lovely messages of well wishes and help enjoy the weekend tarot lovers!

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