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Lodestone is good for drawing out pain, just make sure to cleanse it after. It sounds like you have recurrent sciatic pain maybe. Some proper stretches can really help with that. I make a really awesome pain oil for my sciatica and other ouchies. My mom has used it for her knee replacement surgery and says it's the best that she's tried. It's basically some good essential oils in a base of olive oil infusion I made from pine tree sap that I gathered last spring - it is GOOD stuff. If you're interested in trying a bit let me know. Another thing you might want to try is laying on the floor with a tennis ball under you where it hurts and lay down and roll around to move the ball a bit - it'll hurt while you'll doing it but relax up the muscles. I also am fond of laying in bed with a pillow under my bum and bending my knees and letting them fall out so my feet touch. It helps when my bones are slightly out of alignment to let gravity help put them back in place. You can tell immediately if you're in a good position or not because if you're not it will hurt and if it doesn't hurt it's okay.
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