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Talking Interesting angles!

Hi Everyone,

So glad I found this study group, as the Tyldwick is both inspiring and baffling!
Very good insights from all here. I must admit, this 10 of Swords representation is quite unique. The interpretations can be endless of course, depending on the question. I did notice the sense of "suicide". I also kind of see it as a cry for help. The blood on the wall is like a message to someone. Or it could even be a warning. Looking at it literally I guess - why else would you paint the walls with your blood? Assuming it is blood. I don't see it as insidious as the 5 of Swords energy of being horrible and cruel. If we look at 10 of Swords as an ending, the final culmination of the suit, you could even see it in a positive light: like the thinking process has reached it's peak, and the mental fervour is such that the only thing left to do is write it in blood - so it could even be a self sacrifice, a martyrdom, maybe even a release (people cut themselves to release pent up frustrations and emotions too sometimes, not just in a suicidal capacity). Like Van Gogh, cutting off his ear. There is a place beyond which the sane mind cannot go any further, so there is a metaphorical death. It can be wonderful, in all its gothic glory.
Sorry, just some stream of consciousness rambling there!
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