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Originally Posted by Babalon Jones View Post
i like your family remedies. Eat a ball of butter rolled in sugar or have a shot of good whiskey. Shit I do both of those for fun all the time lol

yeah, we kids preferred DADDY'S home remedy, especially as we got older.

I know a lot of people will be shocked with me/us--but when my daughter was teething, I use to borrow some of that home remedy whiskey, (Crown Royal!) from my father and dip my daughters pacifier in it (just a bit on the tip of it) and sprinkle a bit of sugar on it and pop that in her mouth. Sometimes when her gums were incredibly swollen and sore, I'd rub a bit of that whiskey on her gums. Kept her happy and pain free!

(though she is just so aghast that we would do such a thing and hates to hear us ever talk about it!)
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