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Originally Posted by celticnoodle View Post
oooh! thank you, beancrew for the link and your post. Very interesting.

and, now, after reading that link, beancrew, I remember that I purchased it solely to help me with journeying and ancestor and guide communication. I can't recall however, if I used it ever. I also sadly can't tell it from the OTHER black stones I have. *sigh* I also purchased this for its ability of protection against negative forces. like most of the other black stones I have.

I would LOVE to have a shamanite crystal ball! that would be really cool! or a shamanite crystal to put on a necklace chain. hmmmm...
You're very welcome. It can be hard to find information about this stone since it is so "new". I've not seen it in its crystalline or raw form, but when tumbled it has somewhat of a white-waxy mirror-like quality to it compared to most of the other black grounding stones (except for obsidian of course). It's appearance is unique in a way so maybe you can compare your pieces to pictures or videos on the internet. I think a sphere would be a perfect way to utilize this stone, as I find spheres are very conducive to meditation.
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